BTL Advertising

BTL Advertising


Branding at Retail Stores

Branding options at Retail Stores Name Board Back-Lit Boards 2D Boards (Lit) 3D Boards (Lit) Dot Vinyl (One Way) Vinyl Vinyl on Foam Retail Fixtures (Shelf's work, MDF Counter Works, Display Unit ) Shine Deals with Pharma Stores Departmental Stores Automotive Stores Mobile Stores Building Material Stores Pan Shops Pet Food Stores FMCG Stores etc….

Branding at Non-Retail Stores
Branding options at Retail Stores Name Board Back-Lit Boards 2D Boards (Lit) 3D Boards (Lit) Dot Vinyl (One Way) Vinyl Vinyl on Foam Retail Fixtures (Shelf's work, MDF Counter Works, Display Units) Shine Ad Agency Deals with College Name Boards Police Station Boards School Boards Park Boards Temple Boards Etc.…


Branding at Events

Stage Backdrop Setups With FL Stage Backdrop setup with LED Creative Stage Backdrop Setup with LED & FL Stage Backdrop setup with Cloth

Mall Façade

It is important for brands to be advertised in places where there is maximum footfall. A Mall Facade is not just a space for branding but an immense opportunity to get noticed

Stall Design & Fabrication

Shine offers a huge variety of custom stall and system stall designs Customized Exhibition Stalls Exhibition Stall Designers Mall & Airport Kiosk Jewelry Stall Designers Signages & Retail Work Paintings


Pamphlets Distribution

Pamphlet Distribution Advertising is one of the most effective methods of direct marketing. Pamphlet distribution is basically a paper flyer that is inserted into the newspapers. With newspaper insertion, you have the most cost-effective method of advertising. If you want to reach out to people living only in your targeted locality, you can select that area`s pin-code, and then SHINE distribute your insert/pamphlet/flyer to that particular area, along with the newspaper of your choice. Shine Ad Agency Deals with Pamphlet Insertion in Newspapers Pamphlet Insertion in Magazines Pamphlet Distribution with Boys Pamphlet Distribution Through Hand 2 Hand Pamphlet Distribution in Malls and Cinema Theaters Pamphlet Distribution at Colleges Pamphlet Distribution on Roads & Signal Points Pamphlet Distribution with Explaining the Product Pamphlet Distribution in Petrol Bunks and many more

Tricycle Ads

Tricycle advertising creates a unique brand presence in target neighborhoods, in an eco-friendly manner. Bicycle Billboard delivers brand messaging in an attractive manner. Tricycle advertising is a better option where other means are impossible to go. Tricycle branding gives excellent reach through high-traffic. Tricycle advertising is very good for the metro region. Tricycle advertising is the most Eco-Friendly mode of advertising. At Smart Ads, we have listed Tricycle branding options across India. Shine Ad Agency Deals with Cycle Ads Tricycle Advertisements Bike Ads Tricycle Rickshaw Ads

Look Walkers

Ad walker, Human banner, walking billboard is a Mobile Advertising format. It is a kind of walking billboard. In this kind of advertisement, the person carries a Look walker billboard on his back and then moves in the market. Also, this billboard glows using a battery. This leaves an everlasting impression on the customers. This kind of innovative advertisement has the HIGHEST RECALL RATE OF THE BRAND and that’s what the real purpose of advertisement and innovation is. This being an innovative marketing solution aids in attracting and engaging target audiences. In look walker walking billboard advertisement, Advertising Walker walks with the crowd and makes an incomparable impression. Look walker (ad walker) is the best medium to create a buzz in a market. This can be used at the time of Store launching, Product launching, SALES promotion, Special promotions, Roadshows, Movie promotions, Buzz marketing, Sampling, Expos, etc. We have handled (Look walker Ad walker, Human banner, Walking billboard) events. Our purpose is to provide you the best services. So, the walker is a Mobile Advertising format that is versatile and effective for promotions of brands and Events when they are deployed in a group at any location. This being an innovative marketing solution aids in attracting and engaging target audiences.


No Parking Board Ads

No Parking Boards Advertising is a very cost-effective media to advertise This is work as a welcome agent for any society and greets every resident and non-resident of the locality.

Mass Promotions

Pole Banners Pole Stickers Sun Packs on Poles No Split Here Boards etc.…

Auto Branding

Every businessman has a choice to promote their business with Auto Rickshaw Branding. It's very amazing gaining for we conduct Auto Rickshaw promotion in our city. Auto Hood Sticker we have used to trendy advertising for all start-up companies who want to promote their business in a low budget. Shine Deals with Auto Rickshaw Hood Advertising Auto Rickshaw Back Panel Advertising Auto Rickshaw Meter Cover Advertising Auto Rickshaw Back Sticker on Hood

Traffic Signages and Bari Gates

SHINE pioneer in Traffic Barricade Advertisement services. Police Traffic Barricade serves the purpose of controlling traffic, sending a social message, as well as displaying the brand name. Traffic Barricades Branding and Advertising not only helps the Police but also the People in general. Shine Ad Agency also Deals with Ads on Traffic Signages Traffic Signal Advertising Etc.…

Balloon Advertisement

Inflatable Promotions are used by any company that wants to promote its product, brand, trademark, logo or mascot character. Inflatable Promotions are used to improve sales and visibility of new products and are also used at openings, sports, and special events, trade shows, window displays, and indoor/outdoor events, etc.…. because they give consumers a better awareness of a product, logo, name or trademark. They can also be used as gifts and giveaways

Shine Ad Agency Deals with

Sky Balloons Air Inflatables Advertising Walking Inflatables Character Walking Inflatables Inflatable Air Dance Inflatable Arch Inflatable Bouncy. Road Shows


App Installation Activities

Shine have well-knowledge and well-educated People to tell your Brand, we do App Installation Activity in Malls App Installation Activity in Colleges App Installation Activity in Work Places App Installation Activity in Events and many other areas

Brand Awareness Activities

An effective BTL advertisement option that provides results in a very cost-effective manner Target Different Groups: RWA (Residential Welfare Association) activation helps brands target different socio-economic groups in the most efficient way. This becomes possible due to the fact that people staying in the same residential complex share similar economic background enabling advertisers to easily target any specific socio-economic group. Strong Brand Recall: The other good thing about brand activation in residential societies is that it helps in developing strong brand recall. The residential society activation proves to be perfect irrespective of whether you want to engage an entire family or just target a few in a family. Get Closer to End Users: With the increase in the size of co-operative housing societies, residential society activation has become a good platform for promoting your brand or new launches. Shine Ad Agency Deals with Flyer Distribution Service in Societies Kiosk Apartment Notice Board in Societies

Events & Promotions

Corporate Events

Corporates Plan and execute meetings with their audience and target them with relevant information. Usually, shorter events are called seminars that last for a couple of hours or a whole day. They have one or more than one speaker and keep all participants together in the same space. Conferences typically have more than one session that happens at the same time. They are held at hotels, begin with a keynote session and then hold breakout sessions by topic. A conference is planned for more than one day Shine Ad Agency Deals with: Costumer Meets Dealer Meets Award Function Team Building Activities Annual Business Meets Cocktail & Mocktail Party etc.…

Exhibitions & Expos

Shine has Capabilities and Experience to handle industry-specific trade fairs & Exhibitions with capabilities throughout India. We have executed some of India's largest industry exhibitions for various industries. Our complete exhibition management solution includes designing the exhibition The venue, venue identification, Exhibitor promotion, Onsite Management, Visitor Promotion, Registration and all other aspects involved. Scorpio cuts through the typical trade show clutter of handouts and giveaways. If you are seeking a new, unique and effective strategy to communicate with your customers, Shine Provides you with a creative and fresh style. Increase the power and impact of your customer meetings, Exhibitions, and Expos, Celebrations and Events. Shine Ad Agency Details with Planning and Costing Accommodation Management Audio-visual Managing Conference Material Production Staff Planning and Allocation Design Theme Conceptualization Food and Beverages Entertainment

Events & Promotions

Inaugurations & Launches

Product launch Launching of a product at the right time in the right way is very important for the placement of the product in the market. We have a separate team to analyses the launching strategies and the events to be incorporated that would enhance the promotion of the product. Inauguration The invitation card is the first thing that people will notice. You can choose from a formal or an informal letter, a flyer or an email that includes your company’s logo and other relevant information. If needed, you can include the map for your new campus. Our team is right here to assist you in various stages of promoting your new campus. We look at the trendy methods like posting on social media, newsletters or posters. our experts will ensure that your invitations are posted four to five weeks in advance. All incoming queries and RSVPs can be tracked by a designated person who will be assigned this task. We send out reminders and emails a few days before the event. This important occasion in your life will see plenty of visitors. From your family members to friends; various clients, businesses, media, community leaders and board members. We handle everything, right from welcoming your invitees to ensuring they are comfortable.

Event Backdrop & Venue Branding

We Believe in generating creative concepts and innovative designs with live models. Our in-house design studio and experienced creative team can suggest spectacular themes, create a glorious setting and provide the branding that is required